Comfort of sitting

The unique YouErgo chair combines comfort and natural sitting posture.

Benefits for your body

Sitting in YouErgo chair can help get rid of back pain, tingling in your legs, reduce the risk of discopathy, improve concentration and overall body performance.

The patented slope angle

Specifically contoured seat and backrest of YouErgo chair unburden the spine and reduce pressure on spinal cord.

why have we created YOUERGO chair?

We have created a chair that helps you stay healthier for longer.

Sitting in YouErgo chair is natural and in line with human anatomy – it restores our inborn spine curvature. It guarantees prophylaxis and rehabilitation while sitting.


Discopathy is a modern day disease. Its development is forstered by bad sitting habbits. And most of us sit incorrectly. We do not feel its’ development, until the back pain appears, which is a symptom of lesions potentially dangerous for our health.


  • “YouErgo seat is the perfect way to keep the correct posture in a sitting position.”

    Tomasz Stengert
    President of McKenzie Institute Poland
  • „I recommend YouErgo chair of Linia Zdrowie company – it’s really a great choice!”

    Patryk Vega
  • „YouErgo concept is above all an accentuation of functionality and useablity of a product. A product designed for a human.”

    Maria Jędryszek
    Student of Academy of Art, Department of Industrial Design in Łódź
  • „As a person sitting at work for many hours, I can say that sitting stopped tiring me.”

    Eliza Golis